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Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Delayed

Recently Square Enix has announced that the upcoming mobile app game “Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road” is now delayed most likely because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road’s a mobile spin-off, that was revealed in January and its original release date was Spring 2020. The official account for the spin-off game had issued a statement for apologizing for the late update.

Although the statement doesn’t give detail for the revised release date but, it did reveal that in another announcement related to the game. it is set to arrive sometime in early June

The company, Square Enix, has revealed some details about the game sometime this past February along with some screenshots and noting that the game will offer high speed battles that depends on reflexes.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road was originally known as project: “Xehanort” and would live within the poplar Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] mobile app as a standalone experience. The players’ll be able to uuncover Kingdom Hearts villain, Xehanort’s past and learn why he becomes the seeker of darkness.

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road seems to appear as an action card type of game. While players do not have to play UnionX [Cross] to play Dark Road, there’ll be benefits for playing both games.

“The more complete you KHX medal album is, the more points you can earn in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road to trade in cards to be used in battles.”

Will be available on iOS, Android, and Amazon Devices once it release that let this year.

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