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Embracer Group has 69 Unannounced Games in Development

Embracer Group, the company formerly known as THQ Nordic, has 118 games that are being developed with 69 of those games are unannounced.

The Swedish company, had revealed news in their financial earnings report, which you can read here.

Part of the report had stated “I genuinely believe that e have one of the industry’s most exciting pipelines of upcoming games, engaging over 3,000 game developers across the world.”

Also, the report mentions that with recent acquisition of Saber Interactive, the holding company Embracer Group now has 118 games in development and 69 of those games are unannounced. Embracer Group expects a substantial growth in the current fiscal year with the support of the upcoming releases of Biomutant, Destroy All Humans!, Wasteland 3, and many more.

For more about Destroy All Humans! you can read IGN’s interview with Black Forest Games from the 2019 Gamescon.

Embracer Group has also dwelled on the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic on their workflow. Another statement in the report says, “Rapid transformations to online and social distancing workflows has in general gone smoothly and have mostly only cause minor operational interruptions.

In the end of the report, Embracer Group has revealed that they’ve raised about $166 millioin USD (1.6 billion Swedish Krona) for future acquisitions and has mentioned “several ongoing discussions” with studios, franchises, and publishers in the gaming industry. While suggesting there may be more big games joining the Embracer Group in the future.

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