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Total War: Warhammer II New DLC Character

Henry Cavill has amazed the audiences with his performance as Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher series on Netflix. Which is a part he had pleaded to play as after falling in love with the books and games.

He hasn’t been shy about sharing his enthusiasm for the video game, especially while playing them on PC. Henry has discussed in the past about his love for the Total War series, but now that love is now immortalized in the recent DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2.

Creative Assembly has taken notice of Henry’s passion and had given him his vary own role as “The Warden” in “The Paunch” DLC.

In the campaign he starts at your side as the loremaster of Hoeth and some of his traits will look familiar from his Witcher role, such as “The White Wolf” which’ll provide a +15 bonus versus large units and along with his ability of being “Potion of Toughness”.

If you are now interested in having Henry Cavill play by your side in the game, The Warden and The Paunch releases tomorrow (May 21, 2020) for $8.99+tax.

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