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Today on the Borderlands show: Episode 7

During today’s episode of the Borderlands show, which was hosted by Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella along with their guest host, Mitsu. These three talked about a mixture of different things like, the new show “Ultimate Vault Hunter”, Mayhem 2.0, the new Takedown at the Guardian Breach, and much more.

Ultimate Vault Hunters

A new show that’s hosted by Liz 55, which is a previous cast member for the Borderlands show. Anyways, this show is about taking the hardcore builders of the game’s community to breakdown the player’s builds that allows them to do the craziest things on Mayhem 10. The show is on Thursdays at 4pm EST (1pm PST).

Revenge of the Cartels

The Revenge of the Cartels ends June 4th, so play as much of it as you can before it’s too late.

Borderlands Science

Borderlands Science is continuing to grow each day with a quarter of a million new players joining within the past two weeks. Borderlands Science has been “killing it” so to speak, since it’s release. Players have already solved 36 million puzzles and more than 700,000 individual players from the game’s community solving an average of 1.2 million puzzles per day since the April 7th release.

Borderlands Legendary Collection

Coming May 29 to the Nintendo Switch is the Borderlands Legendary Collection. Which contains: Borderlands Game of the year edition, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.

Mayhem 2.0

Mayhem 2.0 is basically the revamped version of Mayhem, you can change your current Mayhem level right from your main menu, players don’t have to keep going back and forth from Sanctuary. Once players have changed the level the game will reload to your latest checkpoint.

Gearbox has done a lot of changes in Mayhem 2.0, now there’s no more bullet reflection and players can now get Mayhem level drops.

Mayhem 2.0 Issues

In this part of the show, Graeme Timmins, the creative director, appeared with a statement thanking the game’s community and then he gave details about the different issues they plan the fix in Mayhem 2.0.

Thank you to our entire community for the help and all the feedback you’ve given us these last few weeks as you start to experiment with Mayhem. So thank you so much for all of your help.” -Graeme Timmins

Last week on the Borderlands site Gearbox had posted a blog update that has went over some changes that they would like to make in Mayhem.

During today’s show (5/21/2020), Graeme had reviewed some of the highlights in two phases.

Phase One: Stat Scaling & Gear

In this phase changes comes with the guardian Takedown. Gearbox will be focusing on the Mayhem stats scaling changes and gear adjustments.

In Mayhem level 7 and higher players are going to see the health, shield, and armor stats for the highest levels of Mayhem decrease. At the same time they’re going to take the over and under performing gear and make adjustments. Also, players will start seeing Mayhem level identifiers on item cards for all Mayhem level items.

Phase Two: Character Balancing and Build Diversity

This phase comes with DLC 3, and in it they’re going to be focusing on character build diversity.

For this phase, the biggest change is that non weapon damage like, action skill damage, melee, slide, and slam will be scaled relative to the player’s Mayhem level. Another thing they’re fixing is grenade mods will be dropping as Mayhem gear.

Finally, all of the sources of loot in game will start dropping Mayhem level gear.

For more information go to

Takedown at the Guardian Breach

Comparing this Takedown to the Maliwan Takedown, it is completely different from what players have experienced in the past.

For Takedown at the Guardian Breach players will run into new enemies along with other things and they’ve even mentioned on the show that there’s going to puzzles. Some puzzles the players teammates with have to split apart to do specific things.

Also, with new enemies comes new mechanics to defeat them with. Another thing mentioned is that it seems like Gearbox is trying to further the story of the game.

For this event, Tannis sends players to a shattered world where everything is floating. It has a lesser gravity to it where players can jump higher and longer, it’ll also give off a Pre-Sequel vibe to it with jump pads.

In Takedown at the Guardian Breach, Gearbox has taken it to a different direction, adding new things and it is giving players a mystery of “What’s happening?”

The official release date for the Guardian Takedown is June 4th and it is a free content update.


For the last part of the Borderlands show to reveal the title of DLC 3 and release some detail about the newest DLC was the Game Director of the DLC, Matt Cox.

He had revealed the official name of DLC 3, which is… “Bounty of Blood A Fistful of Redemption”.

He had also stated that in this DLC it will give off a western vibe.


A harsh story of revenge and redemption.

A Vault Hunter arrives on the brutal frontier planet of, Gehenna, in hopes of collecting the Sheriff’s bounty on the “Devil Riders”. You’re teamed up with the toughest locals to protect and help the town of, Vestige, out get back on their feet and take the fight straight to the Devil Riders; while using the game’s new “Jet Beast” vehicle. The “Devil Riders” is a violent gang of beast riding mercenaries.

New Characters:

In this DLC there are only two main characters you’ll meet.

  • Juno: A rough and trouble brawler with a very checkered past but has reformed her way and is now living on the outskirts of town. Many still don’t trust her, so she has to prove herself by helping the players take down the Devil Rider Gang.
  • Rose: She is the first person you meet, she’s your guide and ally. She helps the player learn the way of the land and she also helps fight and find the way into the town. Rose’s family has been on Gehanna for many generations.

For this DLC Gearbox wanted to try something new and different. So, players can expect a lot of outlaw and cowboy inspirations. Some of the movie inpirations behind the DLC are: 13 Assassins, 310 to Yuma, Seven Samurai, The Good The Bad The Ugly and more. So, players will see all sorts of different western influences in the buildings, enemies, music, and more within the DLC.


Among other new stuff in the DLC, one new things players will only be able to use is a “Jet Beast” vehicle, you’ll be driving around in style. It’s a bike is half jet bike and half creature. Which is totally badass, but players can making it even more awesome looking by adding different customization’s onto it like, Duel Machine guns, Morter weapons, and more. This bike is only available to drive in Bounty of Blood.

The Town

Once a player leaves the town to work on mission and decides to return back either small or big changes will be made to the town depending on your decisions and actions in your missions.

For example, they mentioned in the show that your player will release a guy out of the prison and when you return, the same man you released will be in a saloon singing about what you’ve done after releasing him.

Another feature they’ve added is when players collect all of the lost films throughout the maps and return to the theater you can watch them as a movie.


Gearbox has a bunch of loot that they’ve created just for Bounty of Blood DLC.

There’s special weapons, gear, and different skins players can find throughout the world. In the show, Matt Cox had said “All the loot that people love to find and grind for, there’s gonna be a lot of great stuff.”

The Narrator

As for this new narrator, he is a new character that’ll be alongside of you during the entire time your playing Bounty of Blood, so during side missions and main missions. While they’re providing commentary story and occasional conversations to your character.

Interactive Objects

Gearbox wanted to create new gameplay objects players can find throughout the world that’ll unlock by doing certain missions.

  • Traitor Weed: turns enemies to your side for a certain amount of time
  • Breezebloom: When players step on it, it’s a plant that soars the player into the air
  • Tell A Zapper: Basically a teleporter
  • And more!

They wanted to toss the new gameplay objects into the game’s mix and maybe the players might be able to find some secrets with the combination of the objects.


As of right now there is no specific amount of hours of gameplay but they have mentioned there’s tons of content and lands to explore along with secret challenges and a treasure map challenge where players can use the new interactive objects.


The main enemies in this DLC are the Devil Riders, but they use gyrocopters, which are called Voltars. Another enemy players will face are called “Bellick”, which are weird looking creatures that come in different colors.

Now what we’ve all been waiting for… The Release date: June 25th!

Before I end this very long article, here is a photo they shared for DLC 4

What do you think this DLC is going to be about?


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