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Star Wars Battlefront II Petition reaches 75,000 signatures

Near the beginning of this month players started a petition so EA could continue making paid content for Battlefront 2.

The petition has been getting a lot of attention and not just by players of the game but gamers as well have been signing it, which has reached the 75,000 signatures milestone.

Since the release of the game, all of the content updates have been completely free for all of the game’s players on all of the platforms, like the Xbox One consoles and Windows PC.

The video below is some of the content that has been added for free in-game:

With the petition the fans have been stating that they’re willing to pay real money for future content updates, which includes new additions to the game, including fresh hero characters, new skins, and new weapons.

Also, Even though most of the devs that were involved in making Battlefront 2 have been moved to other different projects but it doesn’t mean some won’t go back to BF2 for a trial DLC just to see how many gamers and the game’s players would actually buy it.

You can still sign the petition, click here!

What kind of content would you want to see?

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