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No Man’s Sky, Coming to Game Pass for Console and PC in June

About 2 years ago, the Hello Games team released No Man’s Sky to the Xbox One for the first time and had introduced the players to their infinite procedurally generated universe.

Since Xbox One players love to play together, it wasn’t a coincident that the release for the Xbox One version coincided with the large “Next” update, that has brought multiplayer to the game for the first time.

Since then, Hello Game’s has seen countless travelers join together to survive, explore, trade, and base build together, but then when they released the “Beyond” update (which was their 8th free update) its been even more.

They’ve significantly improved the multiplayer experience among other additions, the introduction of the Anomaly (a multiplayer hub that can be summoned at any point), a huge array of co-op missions can take off upon in-game rewards.

Since then, they continue to provide regular free updates to the game, which includes the “Living Ship” update in February and the Exo-Merch update this past April. And there is plenty more updates to come.

No Man’s Sky will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, which will open the game’s universe of possibilities to over 10 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Coming next month, they’re bringing a Windows 10 PC version of the game to the Microsoft store.

“Our PC fanbase has always been among out most active and devoted, and we are overjoyed to be able to count Windows 10 PC gamers among them for the first time soon. Also, this version of No Man’s Sky will also be available with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)” -Hello Games

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