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Slime Rancher Pool Party Update

The Pool Party update for Slime Rancher is here and along with it is a bunch of new fun summer cosmetics! But, this update is not only about making the game pretty, it’s also the debut of the new and useful features.

What’s New

For the Pool Party update, one of the big highlights is the new cosmetics, one of them is the “Party Glasses”, which’ll make your slime(s) the star of the game. Also, if your slime(s) like to go into the pool they can make use of the new scuba fashion pod and the Octo Buddy Toy. These new fashionable items are available through the two new Treasure Pods.

Slime Rancher Pool Party Update Brings Summer Fun | TechRaptor

Another thing that has arrived in the update is the new “Recycling System”. Since junk can pile up pretty quickly on your ranch, Viktor’s workshop has put in a new way to rid of items and slimes you do not want.

Another thing, if players like the super chill and beautiful scenery they’re able to enjoy it in a new way; a “minimal hud” option is available, it allows the player to remove majority of the on-screen info, but be sure to keep n eye on the jet-pack energy.

Gamers, if you do not own Slime Rancher the PC gamers can get 60% off on the Epic Games Store and or DRM-free on GOG. Gamers can also buy it on Steam or on the Humble Store. But, for us console gamers, we’re stuck with paying the full price of $20.00+tax on Xbox One and PS4.

The full Patch Notes on Steam.

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