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Pokemon Masters More Content

More content is coming to Pokemon Masters from the end of May to early June!


Story Event “The Star of the Contest” (Available until June 10th): This features Dawn, the Sinnoh region trainer, along with her Pokemon Turtwig. As they interact with other sync pairs on the Island of Pasio, Players that have completed chapter one of the main story will be able to battle and earn rewards for this event in-game.

New Sync Pair: Dawn & Turtwig (Available until June 10th): The grass-type pair is available in the sync pair spotlight scout. Their moves include the following:

  • Good as New: Fully restores ally’s HP
  • New Dawn Wood Hammer: Strength based on how much user’s attack stat his been raised during battle

New Sync Pair: Jasmine & Steelix (Available until June 10th): The Steel type pair is available in the sync pair spotlight scout.

Special Rally (May 31-June 20): Players can complete specific missions to earn gems, co-op sync orbs, and training items. The players who complete all of the Special Rally missions will obtain 5-star power-ups

Dawn & Turtwig Login Bonus (Available now until June 10): Players, log-in daily until June 10th and you will earn up to 1,400 gems

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