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Path of Exile: Harvest

Recently, Grinding Gear Games has revealed Path of Exile’s new summer expansion: Harvest. In this expansion it offers the players a chance to create their own gardens and build their own complex network of Irrigation machines inside the Sacred Grove. Also, with this being an RPG the plant seeds will come alive when you go to harvest.

Release Dates

This new expansion will be releasing for PC on June 19 and the week of June 22, it’ll be releasing for Xbox One and PS4.

When the Harvest expansion starts, players will randomly encounter Seed Caches through out the world. Magical Roots will help lead the way with a seed caches hidden in each place. When the player interacts with the Seed Cache, it’ll drop a bounty for different seeds. Then, Oshhabi -a new NPC- will offer that players to travel to the Sacred Grove.

Each of the seeds have a monster associated with it. There’s Wolf Seeds, Ape seeds, scorpion seeds, and more. And players can plant each of them into the Sacred Grove. Some of the simple seeds take only time to grow but the more advanced seeds require complex resources which are made by simply growing simple seeds. Also, opening a seed cache throughout the world will advance the time in the garden by one unit. This is where Path of Exiles turns from being an action RPG into a miniature city builder.

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