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Terra Battle, The Mobile RPG, Shutting Down

The game has been running since 2014 and has outlived its very own sequel, and will now soon be terminating their service.

The 2014 mobile RPG game from the producer, Hironobu Sakaguchi, whom is best known as the creator of Final Fantasy, will be shutting down all services soon.

A termination of service has been announced, which’ll effectively end the support of the game. The game’s service will be shut down on June 30 at midnight UTC. The in-game Energy currency has already been deactivated, so players can’t spend money on it in the game.

Players, on June 15 you’ll be unable to transfer or recover game data and then at the end of the month the game will be no more.

“I am so grateful for all the fans who played Terra Battle for nearly 6 years. I personally learned a lot from this experience and am constantly reminded that ‘There are no paths that aren’t worth taking’. I am very thankful to have had sch an experience.” – Hironobu Sakaguchi

The game’s developer, Mistwalker, is working currently on Fantasian, a new game for Apple Arcade. They’ve also released Terra Battle 2 in 2017, but it has been less successful than the first game, and has been shutdown a year after its release.

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