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Inside the Vault: Fallout 76 June Updates

Couple weeks ago, Bethesda re-opened the PTS (Public Test Server), so that all of PC players can try the new features that came to Update 20 including, Legendary Perks, Public Teams, and a new event, “A Colossal Problem”. And, since then the community has been sharing so many different thoughts about the additional features.

Bethesda has been reading through all of the Legendary Perks feedback that the game’s community has shared and Bethesda agrees that there are areas that could be improved. So, they’ve decided to shift the “Legendary Perks” feature so they have more time to review the current system for the Legendary Perk, make changes, perform tests, and ask the community for more feedback in a future iteration of the PTS. But, as a preview some of the improvements they were/are working on will allow you the swap Legendary Perks in and out at any time in exchange for a few Perk Coins as well as save your Legendary Perk selections even if you have not filled all your available slots. Bethesda is also looking forward into creating new Legendary Perks and changing some of the existing ones based on the game’s community discussions.

As mentioned above, they’re also planning to move “A Colossal Problem” to a future patch. Even though the event has been working well and the feedback from the PTS players have been mostly positive, it’ll give them more time to perform additional internal tests, making performance improvements, and add another layer of polish to sure “A Colossal Problem” is completely ready for its release.

The PTS is a addition that they’re excited to bring to the game and they’re happy to let players know that it is still on track for Update 20. The Public Teams are going to make it easier to group up with other players and get a bonus depending on the player’s teams current in-game goals. If you have not had a chance to check out the Public Teams in the PTS, don’t worry, they’re going to share an in-depth preview of the system with players in the coming weeks.

Also, they are still planning to put in 76 Seasons in Update 20 and Season One will be set to start for everyone on the day of Patch 20. They’ve also took a detailed look at the Seasons System back in May and they are going to go deeper into Season One a little later this month.

“Thank you very much to all of our PTS players for everything you’ve shared with us about Update 20 so far. It is largely due to your feedback that we’ve decided to make adjustments to Legendary Perks and “A Colossal Problem”. We know everyone is excited for these features and while delays are not ideal, we want to make sure our implementation of both “A Colossal Problem” and Legendary Perks match the excitement. We’re also looking into releasing upcoming patches earlier in the PTS going forward to allow for more feedback and iteration.”


Mystery Pick Event

Players, save up those Legendary Scrips from the items you have earned during the Fasnacht over the past couple of weeks because a new Mystery Pick Event has began. So head over to Purveyor Murmrgh’s shop at the Rusty Pick in the Ash Heap and choose the “Mystery Pick” option to exchange 60 Legendary Scrips for a random 3-star Legendary weapon or armor.

Start: 12pm ET Thur June 11

End: 12pm ET Mon June 15

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