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Neverwinter: Avernus

Neverwinter Adventurers, journey through hell when Neverwinter: Avernus releases on June 30th on PC.

Players, when you travel to Avernus you’ll continue your adventure through the first layer of the nine Hells to unravel the mysterious past of the Archdevil, Zariel, with help from Lulu the Holyphant.

In this Mod, it’ll bring a new adventure area, a new end-game trial, class balancing, and much more. And, be prepared to drive an Infernal War Machine and face new enemies as you conclude the storyline.

Neverwinter: Patch Notes (6/10/2020)

Here are the most recent Patch Notes for NWPC (Neverwinter PC):


Rage of Bel

  • Insurgencies should no linger have a chance to spawn without any enemies spawning



  • Typos have been addressed
  • Longbow of the Infernal Forge: no longer incorrectly wielded as a melee weapon
  • Various Rage of Bel weapons now display properly when outside of combat

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