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Sea of Thieves Update

Rare released a new update, free for all players, called Haunted Shores.

Click here to read the Patch Notes

In this update it brings another NPC ship battle to the seas in the form of spectral ghost ships, which has an assortment of powerful cannonballs and mines. The fragile but deadly ships defend Captain Flameheart, aboarded the Burning Blade flagship.

Players, you can earn cosmetic rewards and special Damned treasures from the encounter. You can also enter the battle against the ghost fleet in just two ways.

  1. Seek the skull cloud of Captain Flameheart in the skies; this’ll show that he’s attacking an Island, players can move to defend it from his armada
  2. Reach level 25 or higher with the Order of Souls, which’ll allow you to purchase a voyage to find and stop a ghost fleet.

During the time of the Haunted Shores event, anyone can buy the voyage from Duke, which will allow every player to take a crack at the battle.

The ghost ships are more powerful than the Skeleton ship, and can shoot wraiths at empty ships. Players can also loot their cursed cannonballs, which are more powerful than the normal ones that pirates are use to.

Also, in this update came some smaller but still fun additions. There are an arrange of new shanties in the game as well and crews can now choose which shanty they would like to play.

Rare has also upgraded and expanded the communication wheel, which’ll allow players to quickly access and send context-sensitive messages. The wheel’s been tweaked to make the most important lines like: ‘I see a ship’ or ‘We need repairs’ to be the most accessible. They’ve added more options for the new items, allowing the players to share details and updates with their crew without using voice chat.

The Haunted Shores is live for Sea of Thieves, but the ghost ships will be remaining in-game even after the event as an ongoing challenge!

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