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Fortnite Patch Update

Epic Games has released Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 last week, which has brought a ton of new content and changes too.

This update has altered the map, giving the players a way to new flooded areas and PvE enemies like loot sharks and marauders. Also, as part of the new update the brand new battle pass brings fresh cosmetic items and the punch cards are an innovative way to make seasonal progress.

Fortnite Season 3 has been the most anticipated season in the game and Epic Games has given players the content. Season 3 has swiftly gained momentum and the game’s developers have no intent to stop.

With it being a week later, Epic Games recently rolled out a patch update for all platforms for season 3.

Well, according to the Fortnite post of their Twitter, it’s a maintenance patch that addressed the stability and also includes improvements for the Party Royale. However, there’s some surprise additions that the game’s fans will be happy to hear.

New Throwable Item & Diplo are Coming

Even-though Epic Games hasn’t given any detailed patch notes, but thanks to FireMonkey for sharing his own version of the creator’s patch notes he had received.

In this update it has added a new throwable item, the Firefly Jar.

Fortnite adds new weapon, Firefly Jar, to the game

The Firefly Jar, a typical molotov cocktail, but in the unique Fortnite fashion. Player’s have to catch a Firefly that can be found across the map to utilize this throwable.

Also, Fortnite has recently included innovate fire mechanics so now flames can spread. Thus, the Firefly Jar can deal an amount of damage to the players as well as structures like; trees just by setting them on fire.

Also, epic will be hosting another in-game live show along with a movie night tonight (6/25/2020) at 9pm ET (6pm PT), well according to the recent Patch Notes. It also looks like DJ Diplo is making his return to the Party Royale. The live show is a premiere of his latest album, Diplo Presents: Thomas Wesley, which’ll also feature Noah Cyrus and Young Thug as special guests. The show will be at the Main Stage on Party Royale.

Bug Fixes:

Along with the additions to the game, the patch has implemented some bug fixes.The issue with the Windshear Cloak Black Bling is now fixed and is now enables again. This update has also released a hotfix for hit indicators showing the wrong directions, and has also included fixes for several issues on the mobile app, which are listed on the Fortnite’s Trello page.

  • Hit Indicators showing wrong direction
    • Hit/Damage Indicators will sometimes appear to be coming from the wrong direction than the source of damage
  • Mobile Swipe-up feature may close app on players
    • The Swipe-up feature on ios devices have been reported to be interfering with buttons near the bottom of the screen or closing app
  • Shadows darker than expected
    • Shadows display at a high contrast and most textures appear as black
  • New Landmark text may appear multiple time when exploring new locations
    • The “New Landmark” text may appear multiple time when discovering new locations on the Battle Royale map

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