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FunimationCon Adds Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia Events

Since this year is the first on record to do without so many different conventions but, the anime fandom’s finding more ways around the issue.

A lot of events like the Anime Expo has found ways to hold their conventions virtually, but also some new events are just getting started.

One of my favorite anime streaming sites, Funimation, is hosting FunimationCon next month with massive panels.

To start things off, FunimationCon is moving forward with two new panels that have recently been announced; My Hero Academia and Human Lost are going to be featured at their own panels during this years FunimationCon. Those two panels will be joining other scheduled panels, Fire Force, Attack on Titan, Fruits Basket, and many more.

More so, Toei Animation is going to be joining in on the festivities along with a special panel. Toei is teaming up with Funimation to do a special interview with Masako Nozawa, the Japanese voice actor of Goku. She has voiced Goku for decades.

Here are the descriptions of the events for FunimationCon:

My Hero Academia Voice Actor Q&A Panel: Join Funimation along with the cast of My Hero Academia for a Q&A panel.

Hosted by Jacki Jing, you can hear your favorite characters including; Todoroki (David Matranga), Ochaco (Luci Christian), Kirishima (Justin Cook), Tokoyami (Josh Grelle), Endeavor (Patrick Seitz), Hawks (Zeno Robbinson), Mirko (Anairis Quinones), Aizawa (Christopher Wehkamp), and Eri (Emily Neves).

Human Lost: Revisit Film with the Japanese Voices and Producers: If you’ve ever wanted to provide feedback to the Japanese creators, well this is your chance!

The producers of the Anime want your opinions while the Japanese voice actors talk about their experiences from doing Human Lost. You’ll have the chance to see Mamoru Miyano and Kana Hanazawa but only at this event.

Toei Animation Presents: Dragon Ball Super Interview, Featuring Voice Actress Masako Nozawa: Presenting an exclusive English Interview with Nozawa-san, the Japanese voice actress of Goku.

So, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to hear from her while she answers questions about her career and what it is like to voice many iconic roles in the world. This discussion will be recorded in Japan with English subtitles.

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