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Animal Crossing: New Horizons adding Swimming!

Coming July 3rd!

In Animal Crossing: New Horizon, the oceans are opening up. And, recently Nintendo had revealed a summer update for the Nintendo Switch which is coming July 3rd and it’s adding a very important feature; Swimming!

Players, you will now be able to jump into the water that’s surrounding your island and you can even search for new sea life that can be donated to the museum. This update will introduce a new crafting options, along with mermaid theme furniture to collect, and will make some changes to Gulliver, the bird that frequently washes ashore and will be dressed up as a pirate.

This is by far the biggest change to the game since the April update that had added the new gardening features and the mysterious art seller.

“Another summer update is planned to be released in early August, so stay tuned for further details to come.” -Nintendo

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