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Recent Games Added to Game Pass

Microsoft has added three games to the Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate for Xbox One and PC.

The Messenger (Xbox One)

A demon army confines his village, a young ninja adventures through a cursed world, in order to deliver a scroll paramount to his clan’s survivals. It begins as a classic action platformer soon unravels into an explosive time-traveling adventure that it full of thrills, surprises, and humor.

Observation (Xbox One & PC)

This game is a Sci-fi thriller uncovering what has happened to Dr. Emma Fisher and her crew of her mission. The lens of the station’s artificial intelligence S.A.M. The players can assume the role of S.A.M by operating the Station’s control systems, camera, and the tools to assist Emma in discovering what’s happening to the station, the vanished crew, and S.A.M himself.

Streets of Rogue (Xbox One)

Players can fight, sneak, and hack your way through the randomly generated cities. It is like a Nuclear Throne meets Deus Ex mixed with the anarchy of GTA. Rogue-lite meets immersive sim and then goes completely insane.

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