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This Week on Xbox (July 7-10)

Hello fellow Xbox One players, each week the Xbox team aims to deliver quality gaming content for us to play!

So with that being said lets get to the new games coming next week, shall we!

July 7


NASCAR Heat 5 Xbox One Version Full Game Setup Free Download - ePinGi

Nascar Heat 5 comes with all drivers, teams, and cars from the NASCAR Cup Series, Nascar Infinity Series, and the NASCAR Gandar RV & Outdoors Truck Series. With tons of improvements over the game before including, better AI, player DNFs, more player camera, all new Test Session Mode, and an online challenge mode. This game’s a must have for all racing fans.


Superliminal for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

Players, escape from a mind-bending dream where everything is exactly as it seems. As you’re falling asleep with the TV on at 3am, you remember catching a glimpse of the commercial from Dr. Pierce’s Somnasculpt dream therapy program. But, by the time you open your eyes, you are already dreaming, while beginning the first stage of the experimental program. This game is a first person puzzle game that’s based on forced perspective and optical illusions. The puzzles in this game give players a sense of the unexpected. You’ll need to change your perspective and think outside the box so you can wake up from the in game dream.

July 8


This game is a 2D physics base action game, where robots B0-3 and 0-Ramatron embark on an epic quest through the outskirts, underbelly, and rooftops of Mech Angeles to uncover the mystery around the disappearance of Dr.Zarro.

July 9

CrossCode (Xbox Game Pass)

Buy CrossCode - Microsoft Store

A retro-inspired 2D actioin RPG that combines 16-bit SNES style graphics with smoot physics, fast paced combat system, and engaging puzzle mechanics served with a gripping sci-fi story.

July 10

Distraint 2

DISTRAINT 2 - Apps on Google Play

This game follows the events of the first game, Distraint 2 is a sinister tale about restoring hope and finding your purpose. You play as Price, a man who has sold his humanity to get a partership from a leading company; McDade, Bruton, and Moore. Players can collect items and solve puzzles to get further in the game’s story and also to find out if Price can reclaim his lost soul.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

Pre-purchase SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris on Steam

Kirito awakens in a completely unknown virtual world, but something about it feels a little bit familiar. This game is set in Underworld, which is an expansive world that was introduced in the Sword Art Online anime where Kirito sets out on an adventure in the series’ latest RPG. Players can enjoy the seamless action pack real-time battles using the combination of sword skills, sacred arts, and your favorite SAO characters.

F1 2020

I made a Game Cover Concept for F1 2020 inspirated in the F1 2015 ...

This is the most comprehensive F1 game, putting the players firmly in the driving seat as they race against the best drivers in the world. For the first time the players can create their own F1 team by creating a driver, then choosing a sponsor, an engine supplier, hire teammates, and competing as the 11th team on the grid. You can also build facilities, develop the team over time, and drive to the top.

The Great Perhaps

Buy The Great Perhaps from the Humble Store

In this game, it tells a story of an astronaut that returns to Earth destroyed by natural cataclysms. Among the ruins he finds an unusual artifact, an old lantern, in the light of which you’ll see glimpses of another time and travel to the past. You’ll experience constant time traveling between an empty, melancholic scenery of the post-apocalyptic Earth and its vivid days gone by.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 announced for the PlayStation 4 ...

This game brings classic 2D action and a dark 8-bit aesthetic together with modern playability. The multiple-scenario structure of the previous games return with an epic new story. Players can take control of Zangetsu, the swordsman from the far east that bears a deep grudge against demon-kind and the alchemist who summoned them.

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire (Xbox Play Anywhere)

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire for Nintendo Switch ...

These 5 uniquely talented sisters are squabbling over which of them will marry the angel in this new vertical scrolling shooter game. This game features the Tension Bonus System (TBS) which means your score and number of coins multiplies based on your distance from the enemies and their attacks. Also, the Powershot System changes normal attacks into strong attacks while ramping up the tension.

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