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Watch Dogs: Legion Release Date

Watch Dogs: Legion will be releasing on October 29th to the Xbox One.

This game sets players loose in a dystopian vision of London. Where everyone in this open-world game is a potential playable character.

Player’s that purchase the game on the Xbox One will be able to upgrade to the Xbox Series X version. Which’ll take full advantage of the next-gen console’s ray-tracing capabilities at no extra cost using the Smart Delivery.

Watch Dogs: Legion will unfold the aftermath of the bombings that have shaken London to its core. Which was blamed on the hacktivist collective turned resistance group, DedSec. The attacks had left London vulnerable for a takeover by a corrupt private military corporation. Organized criminals, and far worse elements. While taking control of the DedSec’s remnants, you’ll need to uncover the mystery behind Zero-Day. Clear the organization’s name, and save London by building your own rebel group; one citizen at a time.

The people you see on the street in the game can become a member of DedSec, from construction workers to mob enforcers. So, seek them out and find out how to get on their good side and they’ll join your cause. Recruit up to 40 operative at a time, every new recruit will bring a new set of skills and maybe even unique weapons and vehicles to your roster so you can use them for different situations.

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