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Destiny 2: Solstice of Heroes is back

Bungie has recently announced that the Solstice of Heroes is returning to Destiny 2 but only from Aug 11 to Sept 8.

This event is free for all Destiny 2 players! Who else is excited?

Event: Victories Remembered

This annual tradition that honors the sacrifices of the Guardians everywhere has returned once again. Eva is returning as well to the Tower and she awaits for you near the Statue of Heroes. So, guardians gather together to celebrate the resiliense of humanity’s foremost defenders!

Activities: Rise to the Challenge

Guardians, fly the skies of the EAZ (European Aerial Zone) and take on the Hive, Cabal, and the Fallen. Once you have defeated your foes in the three player match-made activity you can set out across the EAZ in search of the treasure chests. The more bosses you beat the more rewards you will earn.

Armor: Elements of Honor

Destiny 2' Reveals Solstice Of Heroes Info, EAZ Return, Armor Set ...

Each day of the event will feature either Solar, Arc, or Void. Players, defeat your enemies throughout the game with the matching element then return to the Tower so you can craft your armor. Reach the Majestic level and your armor will begin to glow as you reveal the light within.

Rewards: Heroism Rewards

Guardians can raise their power level by earning Solstice Key Fragments and by unlocking Solstice packages that contain powerful gear and new armor upgrades. You can increase your collection score for the year and continue the Moments of Triumph journey by collecting two additional Triumphs.

Note: Players that finish “The Solstice Begins” quest will unlock a free Solstice of Heroes music track. So log into your Bungie Rewards account to learn more!

Eververse: Light Show

Eververse is also celebrating, with new accessories, emotes, and a new finisher. There’s also new universal Ornament sets that’ll make any Legendary armor look like Solstice armor and it’ll glow! The glow will change color with which ever subclass you choose. So no matter the element the situation calls for, you can be sure that your fireteam will never lose sight of you.

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