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Epic Games Sues Google and Apple Over “Anticompetitive” Behavior After Removing Fortnite from App Store

Recently Epic Games founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, had publicly discussed about the company’s decision to sue Apple and Google following the rampant debate online about the merits of the suit, Epic Game’s intentions, and more!

“At the most basic level, we’re fighting for the freedom of people who bought smartphones to install apps from sources of their choosing, the freedom for creators of apps to distribute them as they choose, and the freedom of both groups to do business directly,” Tim Sweeney had posted on his Twitter thread before he continued:

The primary opposing argument is: ‘Smartphone markers can do whatever they want’. This as an awful notion. We all have rights, and we need to fight to defend our rights against whoever would deny them. Even if that means fighting a beloved company like Apple.

Another argument against supporting #FreeFortnite is “this is just a billion dollar company fighting a trillion dollar company about money”. But the fight isn’t over Epic wanting a special deal, it’s about the basic freedoms of all consumers and developers.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with fighting about money. You work hard to earn this stuff. When you spent it, the way it’s divided determines whether your money funds the creation of games or is taken by middlemen who use their power to separate gamers from game creators.”

Epic Games had filed a suit against Google too, citing that Google had gotten rid of the competition in the distribution of the Android apps using myriad contractual and technical barriers, but according the Epic Games; “Googles actions force the app developers and consumers into Google’s own monopolized ‘App store’ (The Google Play Store). Google had installed itself as an unavoidable middleman for app developers that wish to reach Android users and vice versa. Google uses the monopoly power to impose a tax that only siphons the monopoly profits for itself every time.

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