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Everything Announced During the Indie World Showcase 2020

Hades, a new Dungeon Crawler Rogue-like game is on its way this Fall to the Nintendo Switch. In this game you play as the immortal Prince of the Underworld, while trying to escape Hell. Each time you die, it’s like coming home. You’ll advance in the story, get stronger and gear up for your next attempt to escape. Hades is a game where you can sink dozens of hours into it. If you have already played this game on the PC you can transfer your progress to the Switch with Cross-save.

Another game coming to the Switch is Hypnospace Outlaw. With all of its groovy gifs, animated mouse pointers, and useful tookbars this game is a portal to the early days of the Internet. You can scour through the weirdest corners of the net, dodge computer viruses, and hunt down hackers along with other virtual villians as you’re seeking to crack cases on the digital streets of Hypnospace. Gamers, you won’t have to wait to long to star navigating through cyberspace, this game is releasing Aug 27th, the pre-purchase and Demo are available.

Spiritfarer is a cozy management game, where you make memories before saying your final goodbye to those that are not long for this world. As the spirit fair, Stella, you help the spirits make their way to the afterlife by transporting them across the seas on your handmade ferry. You befriend the passengers, customize your boat, explore the imaginative world, or you go wherever the wind may take you. While transporting your spirit friends to the afterlife, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun along the way. You can set sail in this game as it is already available to play.

“One of my goals for Garden Story is to inspire the community stewardship and showcase the importance of coming together. To help one another when times get tough. I hope players enjoy the world I’ve created. And perhaps learn to call it a home away from home.” -Peter Graham, the Developer for Garden Story

While playing as the newly appointed guardian, Concord, while he’s only a grape fresh off the vine. It is up to them to help rebuild the community and defeat the dangerous rot. You can cultivate friendships, gather resources, and restore buildings to help unite the grove. So everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor together. This game is coming 2021.

In this next game, you have crashed landed on an alien world. The only way to go is down. You’re surrounded by water on all sides. You, the player will dive into the depths of Subnautica’s vast oceans to collect resources, craft underwater structures, and uncover what happened to the watery world. If you wish to dive deep, build your own sub to discover the exotic Flora and Flauna the inhabit the planet. Also, watch out for the more aggressive animals that might not take kindly to your adventures. For those of you wanting a frozen adventure, the sequel “Subnautica Below Zero” will have the divers trying to survive the freezing cold temperatures of the Planet 4546b. Both Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero are releasing early 2021.

In Takeshi and Hiroshi, play as the young game designer in training, Takeshi. Your goal is to entertain Hiroshi, your younger brother with the latest chapter of the game. Then in this RPG, choose the monsters Hiroshi has to face while on his quest. Craft challenges, but you don’t want to make things too hard. You’ll want to strike a delicate balance to make your game an unforgettable adventure. Players can play this heartwarming tale of brotherly bonding now.

Shruti Ghosh, the co-founder and art director of Nodding Games, talked about Raji an Ancient Epic. A brand new game from Nodding Games. Raji an Ancient Epic is an action adventure game that is set in ancient India. It dives deep into the rich tapestry of the Indian culture, inspired by Hindu and Balinese mythology. In this game, you’ll defend the world against the forces of the demon lord. In this intense action adventure, mastering the divine weapons such as the Sharanga bow and the 3 Pronged Trishula is vital to survive.

“All of us here at the studio have grown up hearing such wonderful Hindu tales of epic proportions surrounded by architectural marvels and the vast diversity India has to offer. We hope you’ll enjoy playing Raji as much as we have loved and enjoyed making it.” -Shruti Ghosh

Bear and Breakfast, a management adventure game. While playing as Hank the bear, the Innkeeper, it’s your job to run a dilapidated shack into a thriving B&B. You can customize each room to your hearts desire in order to increase the establishments rep and watch the customers flood their way in to stay at your slice of paradise. Coming 2021.

In this new upcoming Switch game, A Short Hike, players can explore the peaceful mountain landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial park. This game is all about going at your own pace, whether you’re sticking to the marked trails or wondering through the back country there’s plenty to discover while you take in the world around you. Players can even find treasure hidden in the beaten path.

Card Shark, cheat your way to the top of the 18th century French Society. This game is all about playing your cards right as you move from the Parlor to the King’s table. Build up your array of card tricks and use your ill-gotten gains to buy your way into some truly high stake games. But, just make sure you don’t get caught, because of the fact your fellow gamesters don’t take kindly to cheaters. Card Shark is releasing next year.

In TorchLight 3; fame, glory, and gear awaits in the land of Novestria. It is up to you and the fellow heroes of the frontier to get them. This game is set a century after the events of the previous game. In this game, it’ll task you with delving into the foul dungeons of Auburn to take on powerful enemies and collect more treasure. For those of you that wish to flaunt their glittering horde, you can build your own forts, upgrade, and show off your gear to the world. For animal lover you’ll be happy to know that the pets are making their comeback. Completed with their own set of skills to assist you while on your journey. This game is coming to the Switch fall of this year.

In this next game, Manifold Garden, it draws its inspiration from physics defying artworks to create some mind bending puzzles. Where gravity is yours to manipulate, in this game you’ll need to change your perspective if you want to navigate through the infinitely repeating structures. So, don’t worry about falling forever because gravity will bring you right back where you started. So, wrap your head around the perspective twisting puzzles.

Now, representing from Stone Lantern Games is, Kent Willis and Cynthia Liu, to introduce a new upcoming game called: Evergate.

“Evergate has been a passion project for the last 4 years. This game is a dream-like 2D puzzle platformer, which is set in the afterlife. Where you must guide a child-like spirit name; Key. On a journey through life, death, space, and time. With Evergate, we wanted to introduce a fresh new mechanic the “Soul Flame”. It gives players an extraordinary flexibility in how to navigate the afterlife. While also giving an experience with heartfelt emotion that we hope will touch players with its innocence and humanity. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in making this dream a reality!”

-Kent Willis & Cynthia Liu

Evergate is a haunting but beautiful adventure game from Stone Lantern Games. While you journey through the ethereal world use Key’s powerful Soul Flame to slow down time and unleash the unexpected powers hidden within the mysterious crystals that dot the landscape. While using the Soul Flame unlock the power of multiple crystals to solve challenging puzzles.

Before the end of the showcase they did a quick segment, “Quick Glimpse at Other Indie Games”. So here are the games:

  • Haven By: Game Bakers (releasing later this year)
  • Going Under By: Team17 Digital Limited (Releasing Sept 24)
  • The Red Lantern By: Timberline Studio (Releasing Fall 2020)
  • Unrailed By: Daedalic Entertainment (Releasing Sept 23)
  • Struggling By: Chasing Rats Games (Releasing Aug 27)
  • INMOST By: Hidden Later Games (Releasing Aug 21)
  • She Dreams Elsewhere By: Studio Zevere (Releasing Early 2021)
  • Grindstone By: Capybara Games (Releasing Fall 2020)
  • Gonner2 By: Art in Heart (Releasing Fall 2020)

At the end they showed a premiere video for a free 2 player update that’s coming Sept 23 for the “Untitled Goose Game” which is also coming soon.

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