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This week on Xbox September 22-25

Us at G&A News know you’re busy, but if you could just take a few minutes to read this article we would greatly appreciate it!
This week Xbox is getting new games throughout the week for both console and windows 10 pc.
The following are games coming to console and pc.

Halo 3: ODST (PC) Sept 22

In this game you’ll be playing as an “Orbital Drop Shock Trooper” aka an ODST. You can explore the war ravaged streets of New Mombasa. While attempting to piece together the covenants motivations for invading the city. While fighting as an ODST you won’t have the fire power or the overshields to go head to head with the elites, brutes, and the hunters. So you’ll have to use your stealth skills and or the hit and run tactics to defeat the enemies and sneak behind enemy lines.

Halo 3: ODST Firefight Sept 22

on September 22 ODST fire fight is coming/already available to the master chief collection for the first time. This features; On line matchmaking, dedicated servers, and new custom game modes. So grab your gaming partner and jump into the fan fave mode as you’ll be taking out wave after wave of the covenant across 10 legacy maps.

Rebal Galaxy Outlaw Sept 22

Play as Juno Markev with a killer to trail, a dept to pay, and more trouble heading your way. In the Dodge sector it is hard to get by and it’s even harder to get even. In this game it takes please in a greasy blue-collar world of outlaw truckers, cops, and thieves.

Tennis world tour 2 Sept 22

Play as the world’s top players or you can create your own player to try to dominate the world rankings. This is a faster paced game with more animations and a deeper realism. You can experience the true sensations of tennis with single and or double games. And, you can challenge your friends locally or online.

CastleStorm 2 (Xbox One X Enhanced) Sept 23

This game levels up gaming greatest genre mishmash with ruthless destruction powered by unreal 4. With a whole new metagame with strategic and tactical conquest. In this game the heroes Of the kingdom confronts the forces of the undead. You’ll have to plot your path to triumph both sides in the two epic story driven campaigns.

The Drone Racing League Simulator Sept 23

This game offers a robust, evolving feature set, which includes high intensity drone racing.

Jet set Knights Sept 23

in this game you can play as one of the four knights Your face hundreds of evil creatures all While protecting the princess. This is an old school arcade action platformer game that’s inspired by classics from the golden age.

Unrailed! Sept 23

This is a co-op rogue like multiplayer game. Where you must work together with your friends to build a railway track across the endless procedurally generated worlds. You can master random encounters with its inhabitants. Players, you can upgrade your train and keep it from derailing.

Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure Sept 23

This is a story driven brick breaking game thats been molded in the style of the 80s arcade classics like Arkanoid and breakout. But, this game has a plot, characters, and a meaning. This will feature 40 stages, 4 boss fights, new game +, multiple extra features, and more.

Going Under (Internships are Heck) Sept 24

This revolves around poorly conceived start ups in this Silicon Valley stand in with a magical twist. The levels in this game are combined with fantasy dungeon archetypes and with satirical start up premises. You’ll spend time preparing for a quest in your workplace (the headquarters) before heading into the catacombs underneath to defeat different monsters.

Little Big Workshop Sept 24

Players can manage your workers, stations, machines, and create things as your a little big workshop grows into your dream factory. From rubber ducks to other goods can be created from many different materials and can be sold for cash. The money you earn you can invest right back into your factory so you can get more machines, more workers, and to grow your business.

Mafia: Definitive edition (Xbox one X enhanced) Sept 25

This game is a remake from the bottom up. Players can rise up through the ranks of the mafia during the prohibition era of organized crime in America. After an inadvertent brush with the mob. A cab driver, Tommy Angelo is reluctantly thrush into the world of organized crime.

Nexomon: Extinction Sept 25

This monster catching it as a returning classic with a brand new story, eccentric characters and with over 300 different nexomon to trap and tame. While the world is on the brink of extinction The mighty tyrant nexomon fight for domination over humans and monsters.

Port Royal 4 Sept 25

Players can set sail and join the colonial powers of Spain, England, France, and the Netherlands in their fight for supremacy of the Caribbean in the 17th century. In this game you’ll be taking control of a colony as a young And ambitious governor who is eager to learn what it takes to manage and grow his small settlement into a bustling trader city.

Sentinel of Freedom Sept 25

Is the story driven game with in the Sentinel Comics universe where players will join forces with an ever-growing team of heroes to face a wide variety of enemies. What seems to be a typical bank heist reveals its self to be the beginning of a much more sinister plan. You can create your own hero, gather your team, and save the world.

Shotgun Farmers Sept 25

This is an online multiplayer shooter where when you miss a shot it grows new guns. Find your bullets into the ground to plant your ammo and the longer it grows the more ammo you’ll get.

Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia Sept 25

players team up with Claire in the couch co-op game. You’ll also get a helping hand from a lot more characters to face the unknown evil forces and to help stop the time-pocalypse. You can upgrade your armor and boost your abilities to become more powerful.

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