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Free games with gold October 2020

Hello Xbox gamers, it’s that time of the month again Free with Gold games. Since it’s getting close to Halloween next months free with gold games are all Halloween related. So with that being said let’s get into next months games.

Slay Away Camp: Butcher‘s cut (Oct 1-31)

A classic 80s trash horror game. In this game you play as skull face, and adorable demented villain. Who is out to terrorize camp counselors and any other victims he finds. This game features new dimensions of absurd terror and 300 fiendish puzzles.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (Oct 1-15)

This game is inspired by the Mythology of ancient Egypt. You’ll be playing as a sphinx and who is reluctant hero friend, the Mummy. While they travel the world to follow the evil plans of set. In this game you’ll be using stuff, agility, and your special powers to find a stolen magical crowns of Egypt and save the world.

Maid of Sker (Oct 16-Nov 15)

This game is it in a remote hotel with a gory history. In this game players will use their stealth tactics in order to stay alive against the cult of sound best enemies. Which is inspired by the chilling tales in the Welsh folklore. So players do you best to survive and be your bravest to defeat the nightmare is known as the quiet ones.

Costume Quest (Oct 16-31)

In this game you collect super powered magical costumes and level of your hero in monster field neighborhoods in Auburn Pines. In costume quest you’ll be completing numerous quests, buildup your party, and defeat enemies in this Halloween tale.

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