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Fallout 76 October updates

Due to an unexpected issue they could not open the public test server (PTS). But, they are working on to correct the problem. To view the updates for the PTS please visit this site.

*Note: The PTS is available!

This week Bethesda is sharing information about “Shelters play testing” in the PTS. Which has already started (Oct 2). They also have a new double score event, which has started today (Oct 2). Also, a reminder to players to submit spooky screenshots to Around Appalachia.

Checking out shelters in the PTS

Their upcoming CAMP shelters feature is available for test playing in the PTS. To read more about the shelters click here!

From October 1-4 Bethesda would love to see as many players as possible to join them in shelters test playing in the PTS.

The shelters will remain available for the entire time of the PTS. But, having everyone focus on the shelters over the weekend is going to help them keep an eye on the performance improvements prior to the release.

The shelters will remain available for the entire time of the PTS. But, having everyone focus on the shelters over the weekend is going to help them keep an eye on the performance improvements prior to the release.

Players that have a PC version of the game can join the PTS as well. To help rebuild as much as you can in the shelters. Players will even be able to earn a new PTS pennant for your efforts and you’ll have the chance to get your shelters screenshots on their social media channels.

Build a new life underground

players, show the mole minors how is really done with the camp Shelters! Which’ll Allow you to go underground into allow you to go underground into instanced spaces that you are able to transform into your own unique creatures. Shelters are scheduled to arrive in the game near the end of this year. And, they’ll be releasing 3 different types: The “Vault utility”, the “Vault Lobby”, and “Vault Atrium”. Each one has their own layout, style, and size. And all 3 are available to play test in the PTS.

In order for players to enter a shelter all you simply have to do is build the associated shelter entrance into your CAMP. Then you’ll be able to head inside. Since they’re instanced each of the shelters have their own build budget. Which is separate from your main CAMP along with any other shelter you own. Players can have one shelter of each type in your CAMP at any time. And, you can build multiple entrances to the shelter. They’ve also removed material requirements in the PTS so you can build in your shelters without needing to hunt down tons of components.

Shelters Release

when they release shelters to the live game all the players can freely unlock the “Vault Utility Room” just by completing a brief quest called “Home Expansion”.

The Vault Lobby will be one of their monthly free items for Fallout first members. After that all players can purchase the Lobby using Atoms at the Atomic Shop.

In the PTS they’ve disabled the “Home Expansion” quest so that players don’t have to unlock anything and the test players will have access to all 3 shelters.

Share your shelter

There’s so many imaginative builders in the game’s community and Bethesda can’t wait to see all the creations you come up with for your shelters in the PTS. Once you’ve perfected your masterpiece snap a few photos and share them with them in the PTS forum through October 4th. They’ll admire all of your guy’s submissions and will select a few of their favorites to feature on their social media for everyone to see around the world.

Show off your Efforts in PTS

Players, even if your photo submission doesn’t get picked you can still pick up a new PTS pennant reward for your CAMP in the game by being a part in the shelters play testing. The pennant can be earned by building in shelters on at least 3 different days and by using 75% or more of the shelters building budget before the PTS ends.

Even though they’re prioritizing the performance testing, your shelters feedback and bug reports are still important. So players, feel free to share your experience in the PTS forum so they can get a head and start addressing the bugs and the community feedback. As they have mentioned last week, the shelters will be the only new content in the PTS at first. Although, players might encounter a few new NPCs with “Robovoices”. They still would like to know what you think about the upcoming “Steel Down” quest. They also plan on adding them to the PTS later this month so you can check them out.

Double S.C.O.R.E Weekend

  • Start: Thursday October 1st at 12pm Est
  • End: Monday October 5th at 12pm Est

You joined the Armored Ace and the Power Patrol a week ago in their march against the subjugator, well now is the time to bring in the reinforcements. Players, call in the cavalry of rewards while you rank up twice as fast through out this weekend with game’s first 2x Score event for season 2. Over the next few days players will receive double the normal score rewards from the daily challenges that you complete.

Halloween costumes in Around Appalachia

Players that can’t be a part in the PTS to share their shelters screenshots can still find your way onto the page of the site ( By submitting photos from Around Appalachia.

Players can submit your character’s costume photos to the fallout 76 forums by October 26. Bethesda will be selecting a few spooky candidates to feature in the next edition of “Around Appalachia”.

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