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PlayStation Plus Games Oct 2020

PlayStation has recently announced this months PlayStation plus games. Which will be available October 6, 2020.

Need for speed: Payback

In this game players will have to survive the games thrilling heist missions, partake and metal crunching battles, perform Dazzling set pieces, and much more. This game is that in a Sectional and corrupt gamblers paradise of fortune valley. Players can choose from three different characters. Each of which have their own unique skills. You can customize your vehicles and take on the open world. Also, you can take part of the event while you seek revenge on those that wronged you.


Embrace the darkness! This game is it in 1918 and is a third person action RPG with narrative choices. Play as a doctor that has turned into a vampire hunting through London. Which is gripped by violence and fear. You be using your supernatural abilities along with man made tools and weapons to fight or to flee the forces of evil and vampire hunters. You can either say the cities popularity or you can fit on them to become stronger. The choice is yours!

which game are you most excited about for this months PlayStation plus games?

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