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Pre-Order GhostRunner on Xbox

Anyone that pre-orders ghost runner on the Xbox one receive exclusive katana swords!

GhostRunner, the highly anticipated one hit one kill cyber ninja game is coming to Xbox one October 27 globally.

when pre-ordering it’s on the Microsoft store for Xbox it’ll knock 10% off the price.

Game Summary

Ghostrunner, a hard-core first person slasher pack game with lightning fast action. This game is set in a grim, cyber punk megastructure. Players, you’ll climb Dharma Tower, which is humanity’s last shelter, after a world ending cataclysm. You’ll make your way up the tower to confront the Tyrannical keyMaster to take your revenge. The streets of the city is nothing but violence. Mara, the KeyMaster rules over with an iron fist and has Little regard for the human life. As the resources do you kris, the strong prey on the way, and the chaos threatens to consume what little order there is. In this game you please slicing your enemies with a monomolecular katana, dodging bullets with your superhuman reflexes, and release a variety of specialized techniques to prevail. Players will also be using your superior mobility to engage in a never ending dance with death fearlessly.

on the sidenote players can join the official ghost runner community on discord. So let them know what you think of the game.

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