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Final Fantasy XVI, Basic Development Completed

The mastermind behind Final fantasy 16 has completed the basic development along with the scenario production.

A Square Enix recruitment page Has reports on it that the company is seeking the Final fantasy staff to join the Final Fantasy 16 team. It also reports that they have already finished the basic development and the scenario production. And, they’re continuing to create large scale resources and building boss battles while expanding their various development tools.

The recruitment page is also asking for those who can work on level design, large scale cut scenes, and along with character actions.

Final Fantasy XVI, announced last month for the PlayStation 5. But, technically it was not for the PlayStation five along with PC. But Square Enix and PlayStation has subsequently scrubbed all mentions of the PC version. And they’ve refused to acknowledge its potential existence.

The setting of Final Fantasy XVI is a medieval fantasy, which is produced by Naoki Yoshida.

There’s no release date just yet for the game. But surely we’ll be learning more about Final Fantasy 16 next year!

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