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Goblin Slayer the Movie “Goblin’s Crown”

The Goblin Slayer is back!

Funimation has announced that the English dub version of Goblin Slayer “Goblin’s Crown” is coming to Funimation.

Starting October 30th, fans of the gory anime will be able to stream this movie for the first time. But this movie will only be available for a limited time of only one week. It ends November 5, so don’t forget to watch it before it ends!

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown picks up right after the end of anime series. As the Goblin Slayer continues his quest of revenge. He and his crew face their toughest test yet.

For those of you that are new to the anime series, goblin slayer first aired fall of 2018 and right after it has become a hit among the fans.

Who else is excited about the new goblin slayer movie? I know I am, I can hardly wait!

A/N: I could not find the English dub version of the movie 🙁

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