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Borderlands 3: Season Pass 2

With borderlands three season pass to, players will be able to make all kinds of Mayham!

With season pass 2 it’ll future two more add-ons, that sound like anything gearbox has done before.

This season will include the “designers cut” and the “directors cut” DLC. Both will come with new modes and ways to play. Season pass 2 will be available to purchase on November 10. What’ll start with the “Designer’s cut”. Then in spring 2021 the “Director’s cut” will be released.

More details when it gets closer to the release!

With the “Directors cut” releasing November 10, for all platforms, players will get an additional skill tree for each Vault Hunter. Along with a brand new game mode, Arms Race.

  • October 22 at 9AM PT: Moze/Zane new skill tree reveals with livestream along with a special episode of ultimate vault Hunters
  • October 29 at 9 AM PT: The borderlands show premieres featuring the new “Arms Race” mode and more
  • October 30 at 9 AM PT: The Bordercast will debut the first live hands-on gameplay of “Arms Race”

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