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Ani-Monday: Well, This is Getting Interesting…

What is happening, everybody?

Today is Monday, so that’s means Ani-Monday is back with a vengeance!

This week, I’m going to be keep this just a bit short. I didn’t watch a ton of anime this past week, mainly because I spent more time reading manga. Maybe one of these times, I’ll do a special Manga-Monday edition for those who are interested. But for now, I will break down new episodes of two ongoing series that I am watching right now.  

Jujutsu Kaisen, Episode 4

The hot new shonen on the rise continues to amaze. Episode 4 is the most action-packed so far and is likely the one that will get most viewers officially hooked.

Yuji, Nobara and Megumi head into a juvenile detention center to deal with a curse terrorizing the inmate inside. Once in there, they soon realize they’re dealing with a Special Grade curse, and they are completely unmatched. With Gojo unavailable and Nobara separated from the group by another curse, Yuji and Megumi are left alone to deal with the powerful curse. And it doesn’t go well.

Yuji comes to the conclusion that their only hope for survival is to call upon the powers of Sukuna and tells Megumi to get Nobara and leave the building. Once they escape, Yuji allows Sukuna to emerge and make quick work of the special grade curse. But it appears Sukuna may have gained full control over Yuji’s body as the episode ends.

The first few episodes of JJK only gave us a taste of the action this series contains. Episode 4 gives us the most intense battle thus far, and it is TOP NOTCH. MAPPA has done a wonderful job with the character models and the fight scenes, and the story is progressing at a steady pace. Fans of the series (who don’t read the manga) are in for some real treats this season.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, Episode 4

The sequel to InuYasha rolls on, and the nostalgia is still *chef’s kiss* so good. However, there is a lot of unpack after Episode 4, perhaps a little too much all at once.

This episode starts off with our three heroines getting settled into the modern world and indulging in a few of the futuristic luxuries like learning an instrument, excessively spending money, and simply relaxing more than they ever could in Feudal Japan.

However, the urge to get back to their own time and get Setsuna’s memories back leads Moroha to make a deal with a time-bending demon known as Root Head, and the trio jumps through a portal in the hopes of getting home. But their trip is interrupted by the spirit of the Tree of Ages, which has taken the form of the priestess Kikyo. The spirit tells the girls that, because of their connection to The Great Dog Demon, they must be the ones to fight and defeat Sesshoumaru and another demon known as Kirinmaru. When the girls decline, the spirit calls on Root Head to take them down. With a combined effort, the three are able to destroy Root Head and return to the Feudal Era.

The episode ends with the reveal that Rin is being kept captive by the spirit inside the Tree of Ages.

My thoughts

Oh boy. I thought I had a lot of questions already, but this episode just added a few more to that. Why is Rin trapped inside the tree, and why hasn’t Sesshoumaru tried to rescue her? What is the significance of these Rainbow gems? Why don’t our three main leads even seem to know their parents at all, let alone know where they are? So many things need answers, and it may be sometime before we get the most important ones. Overall, this series has me intrigued, but I can’t shake this feeling that I’m in for some disappointment later down the road.

That’s it for this week’s Ani-Monday! Any thoughts on these shows? Got any other anime recommendations? Leave those in the comments below and check back every Monday for new anime reviews and takes!

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