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Thanksgiving Event & More in ACNH

With the Halloween event over the new seasonal content/event will be arriving soon.

While the next content update won’t be releasing until later this month. There is still quite bit of the seasonal content with changes that are already built into the game. Which includes new materials and items.

Here is a preview of what you can expect to see:

Materials & DIY Crafting Recipes

Nov 1st started the brand new set of the seasonal crafting materials and recipes (Northern Hemisphere).

Mushroom DIY crafting recipes/How to get

All month long players can find and collect 5 different types of mushroom items across your island. So you can craft new Mush items.

The 5 types of mushrooms will spawn around trees on your island. Each day take a walk around your island and collect all the mushrooms you find.

Either Isabelle or Tom Nook will help you get started by unlocking the “Mushroom Wreath” crafting recipe during their morning announcements.

Players can unlock more of the mushroom DIY crafting recipes to create Autumn items just by shooting down the flying balloon presents that fly across the sky during the month of Nov.

Acorn & Pinecone DIY craft recipes

The seasonal Acorn & Pinecone materials that were introduced back in Sept along with the DIY crafting recipes are still available during November.

There isn’t much new going on for the seasonal materials and items for this month in the Southern Hemisphere. Along with the acorns and pinecones in the northern Ireland, the young spring bamboo materials and DIY crafting recipes which includes the musical pan flute until the end of the month.

However, the summer shell materials and recipes are arriving to players beach shores in December in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, making a comeback are the sharks.

Maple leaf material/DIY recipes (Mid-November)

Dring the month of November the northern hemisphere get a second set of seasonal materials and crafting recipes for the Maple leaf.

The Maple leaves 4 foot down from the sky across the island from November 16 to November 26.

when catching the Maple leaves you can craft them into the following items:

  • Maple leaf pochette
  • Maple leaf umbrella
  • and more!

Thanksgiving event with Franklin

The harvest festival event will be available near November 26.

Seasonal Bushes

Northern Hemisphere

Say goodbye to the tea olive bushes and start saying hello to the brand new type of bush, the Holly bush. which is available from November 1 to December 31 after Christmas passes.

Southern Hemisphere

The Azalea bushes will continue to bloom during the spring season until the end of November.

New Bugs, Fish, & Sea Creatures

Just like any other new moms the rotation of bugs, fish, and see creatures are available to catch on your island.

Northern Hemisphere

  • Sea cucumber
  • Sea pig
  • Dungeness Crab
  • Snow crab
  • Red king crab

Players in the Northern hemisphere can now see and catch Tarantulas -again-

Southern Hemisphere

  • Sea urchin
  • slate pencil urchin
  • Gigas Giant Clam
  • vampire squid
  • Spotted Garden Eel

Players in the Eastern hemisphere can see scorpions -again-

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