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Pokémon Go Events November 2020

In Pokémon go this month will feature the following:

  • Different five star raid bosses
  • New spotlight encounters
  • Togetic Research breakthrough
  • Life quality updates for eggs
  • Special research quests

Research Breakthrough Encounter

photo credit: Pokémon go hub

From November 1 to December 1 at 1 PM (PTS) Togetic Will be the research breakthrough encounter.

5-Star Raid Bosses

  • On October 24 to November 5 at 1pm (PTS) Darkrai will be available to challenge in 5-star raids.
  • From November 5 to November 16 at 1 PM (PTS) a returning Pokémon will be available as a five star raid. Who will it be?
  • On Nov 16 to Nov 24 at 1pm (PTS), Terrakion, Cobalion, and Virizion will be available as 5-star raids
  • From Nov 24 to Nov 30 at 1pm (PTS) there will be a mysterious Pokémon as the 5-Star raid boss. So stay tuned for more info.

Spotlight Pokémon

photo credit: Pokémon go hub

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