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Ani-Monday: Time to Get Weird…

What is happening, everybody? Monday is here again, which means it’s time for another Ani-Monday! Before I get into the series reviews and recommendations, I have a bit of an announcement to make.

Next week, I’ll be showing some love to all the manga readers out there with a special edition of this series that I’m calling Manga-Monday! Being a big fan of manga and running an active manga channel on YouTube, I’ve been reading manga more often than watching anime lately. Therefore, I’ll be dedicating an entire article toward giving out some recommendations for my manga fam.

But that’s next week. Until then, let me get into the anime for this week!

Jujutsu Kaisen, Episode 6

This episode focuses mainly on the literal inner conflict between Yuji and Sukuna. While most people around Tokyo Tech believe that Yuji is dead, the first-year sorcerer is actually fighting for his life against the curse inside of him. Sukuna attempts to strike a deal with Yuji, in which Sukuna will restore Yuji’s heart if Yuji agrees to allow him to take control of his vessel on command. When Yuji ultimately refuses, the two choose to decide things with a fight to the “death” – which Sukuna easily wins – and the deal is struck.

Yuji comes back to life on the autopsy table and is immediately greeted by Gojo, who chooses to keep Yuji’s revival a secret. Gojo brings Yuji to an underground facility and begins teaching him how to control cursed energy. By watching movies….

Meanwhile, the students from Tokyo and Kyoto Tech begin preparations for the Goodwill (or Exchange) Event.

JJK continues to kill it each week, and so far, it has been a faithful adaptation of the manga. This Goodwill Event arc that is about to begin has some of the best action and story development of the whole series thus far. Those who have stuck with the anime to this point are in for a treat.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, Episode 6

Towa, Setsuna and Moroha stumble upon a little girl and bring her back to her village, only to find the villagers being controlled by a group of cat demons. The girls’ investigation leads them to a monk named Juan, who allows them to stay at a nearby temple. They quickly realize that the cat demons also reside inside the temple and proceed to trick and slay many of them.

Towa stays inside the temple to protect the monk while the others look for the remains of a powerful demon that a priest trapped under the temple a hundred years ago. However, it is revealed that Juan is being possessed by the cat demons, and Towa soon becomes trapped in the temple by a magic barrier, which Moroha breaks with a sacred arrow.

Setsuna is prepared to kill the monk, until Myoga tells her about how InuYasha used to kill certain demons by absorbing their energy into his sword. Setsuna tries this and succeeds, simultaneously defeating the cat demons and saving Juan.

This series is very much following the same formula that early episodes of its predecessor did. That is to say, becoming a bit of a monster-of-the-week type of show. I can’t say that that’s a bad thing, as the enemies and situations the three girls face keep me interested. From the looks of it, we could be in for a decently long series if this format continues. I’m genuinely curious to see where this story goes.

Oh. And Moroha is Best Girl. Moving on…


This week, a classic…

FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

How do I even begin to talk about FLCL? No, that’s a serious question. I honestly don’t even know where to start.

FLCL follows Naota Nandaba, an average kid living in a boring town where nothing ever happens. He lives with his father and grandfather, goes to school, and hangs out with his brother’s girlfriend while he’s overseas playing baseball. Then, a pink-haired alien girl named Haruhara Haruko arrives in town riding a Vespa scooter and immediately whacks Naota in the head with a bass guitar, which ultimately leads to robots sprouting from Naota’s forehead, most of which have to be fought off by the first of the head robots that has a TV screen for a face.

If that last paragraph made little to no sense, then good! You’re starting to understand what FLCL is all about. It’s wacky, it’s crazy, it’s confusing as hell, and in my opinion, it is one of the greatest anime ever made. No amount of snazzy wordplay or well-thought-out analysis could ever come close to doing this series justice. Just watch FLCL. It’s only six episodes, and there’s a very good chance that you’ll want to watch the whole series over again two, maybe three, more times. (Sidenote: Don’t bother with the sequels. Just don’t.)

And if you’re going to try and make sense of it all, just remember that this was made by the same people who made Evangelion. So. Good luck with that.

That’s it for this week’s Ani-Monday! Any thoughts on these shows? Got any other anime recommendations? Leave those in the comments below and check back every Monday for new anime reviews and takes!

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