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Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters Multiverse Final Form

Before we get to the final forms, here are the background stories for each Vault Hunter.

Background stories

Amara the siren– Born in the slums of Dartali. Amara went on to become a champion of people using her powers to fight bullies and combat oppression.

Fl4k the Beastmaster– created as an indexing unit to serve under the grand archivist. But since becoming self-aware he’s been on a murderous journey of self discovery.

Moze the Gunner- she was A soldier in the Vladof Army’s mechanized infantry division. Until, Moze witnessed at the eradication of her entire squad during a mission at Darzara Bay. She then decided to quit, taking her iron bear mech with her.

Zane the Operative- He was a mercenary whose death-dealing talents were for sale to the highest bidder. Until he moved to Pandora and recruited by the Crimson Raiders.

Multiverse Final Form

With the upcoming release of the multiverse final form cosmetic pack, each of the vault hunters will have a specific pack. Which will include a new body and head that you can mix and match with any of the customization options that you have in your collection.

So, without further ado let’s get to the new final form multiverse versions.

Amara: The Partali Renegade

After years spent in the spotlight as a public hero and a prize fighter, Amara had grown tired of the fame and publicity. Instead of choosing a path of humility and justice, she hides her identity. Which allowed the legend of the Tiger of Partali, To take on a life of its own. She lives on the run and on the hunt, while striking fear in the hearts of the criminal and corrupt alike.

Fl4K: The Grand Archivist

After the digital miracle of awakening to sentience, Fl4k turns their gifts to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom rather than blood and death. He remain at a mysterious library to protect the secrets within from invaders. Inheriting the role of, Grand Archivist.

Moze: The Commissar Andreyevna

During the war the soldiers were forged into legends. During the battle of Darzaran Bay, Moze lead the Ursa Corps to their victory from the bloody jaws of defeat. Moze rose through the ranks and became a loyal and decorated officer in the Vladof army.

Zane: The Assassin One

Following a lifetime spent honoring his skills of assassination. Zane decided he isn’t ready for retirement so he use the latest cutting edge technology to enhance his abilities. He then becomes the most fearsome hired killer in the galaxy.

Note: Directors cut out on for season pass to November 10. The multi-verse final form cosmetic packs will be given to the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition owners along with the original season pass. Also, anyone that buys the new brilliance through old meditation will be able to get the final form cosmetic packs.

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