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Fallout 76: New Steel Dawn Trailer

This week Bethesda is sharing the new upadate trailer for Steel Dawn. Which players can watch to meet the Brotherhood of Steel members, that you’ll encounter while you quest around Appalachia.

Meet the Brotherhood in the new Steel Dawn Trailer

The Brotherhood of Steel is led by, Paladin Rahmani. They’re going to be returning to Appalachia in the new Steel Dawn updte. Which is coming to Fallout 76 on Dec 1. Along with their arrival, players can do the following:

  • Experience the first chapter of the new Brotherhood of Steel questline
  • Meet new NPCs
  • Explore new locations
  • Earn weapons/armor from the Brotherhood’s arsenal.

So, watch the latest Steel Dawn trailer to get acquainted with Paladin Rahmani and her team to learn more about their missions and get a taste of what is in store for the new questline.

With the updates, Steel Dawn is going to be free for all Fallout 76 players. Also, if you want to, you can pick up bonus in-game items by buying the Brotherhood Recruitment bundle. It’ll include items that you can build to transform your CAMP into a stronghold that is fit for Paladin. Like the Brotherhood Scouting Tower, Barricade, and Barracks Locker. Players can also recieve the Brotherhood Reclaimed Power armor paint, Tactical Field Pack, and the Salute Emote.

Note: The Brotherhood Recruitment bundle is going to be available to purchase separately with real money. Or, as part of the Steel Dawn Deluxe Edition of the game. Player’s keep an eye on for more additional details.


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