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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Free Winter Update

Coming up in just a few days, Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting another free update!

There are 2 major seasonal events coming up and they are:

  • Turkey Day (11/26)
    • The arrival of Franklin, the first class chef
    • Players will be helping create a feast by gathering ingredients
  • Toy Day (12/24)
    • Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer arrives
    • You’ll be helping deliver presents

With this update also comes 2 new added items that can be redeemed with Nook Miles.

  • Hip Reaction collection (2,700 Nook Miles)
    • Sit down
    • Wave goodbye
    • Take a photo
    • Sniff stuff
    • Work Out
    • Yoga
    • Here you go
    • Excited
    • Ta-da
  • 6 stylish hairstyles (1,800 Nook Miles)

Finally, Nintendo is giving all ACNH players a storage update from 1600 to 2400.

In addition, the “Save Date Transfer” will be coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nov 19th. (It’s about time)

Before I end this, the next update (after this one) is coming late January 2021.

For more information go to the Animal Crossing New Horizons website

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