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Bless Unleashed Update: The Spear of Salvation

For those of you that play Bless Unleashed, there’s a new free update that they just dropped today (11/19). This update continues the main story, adds more new quests and in addition many new feats. Which includes new class experience levels, brand new dungeon, and many more.

New Story/New Zone

In this update, The Spear of Salvation introduces a new chapter to continue the game’s story. Players, step foot into the new zone, “Ivory Dunes”. Which is home to the Desert Elves. In this zone you will uncover another plot by, the Faceless. Discover the secret of the “Spear of Salvation”, and save Lumios from another dangerous gambit for control of the world.

Fishing is Now Available

Since the first beta had released, one of the most frequent request that they have gotten from the game’s community is to be able to fish in game. With this update brings the ability to fish (It’s about time). You can unlock the fishing system and the first set of fishing gear by completing the quest, “learning to fish from a Shabiki fisherman in Carzacor Harbor. Then, players will be able to fish at different fishing locations across the world. While discovering different types of fish in different regions.

The fish you catch can be sold for gold or can be broken down at Soul Pyres to get components that can be used in various crafting recipes. The rarer fish can be broken down into more valuable components.

However, this isn’t the only change for the crafting in this update. Players can also unlock new adept and artisan crafting levels that allow you to further specializing your crafting skills. You can also unlock new powerful gear and consumables to increase your combat capabilities.

New Class Levels

At level 25 players can unlock class levels that allow you to unlock new passive abilities to help customize the class and playstyle.

Complete the new quest, “The Hidden Master” to unlock the new powers. Once you have completed you’ll be able to use excess skill experience to purchase an item from the new shop. Which can unlock powerful passive abilities for your class.

New Dungeons/Gear

In the update they’re introducing a number of dungeons. Players, you can challenge yourself against dangerous enemies in the brand new Arena challenge, new lair, and a new 5-man dungeon.

In addition to the update, they added new elemental damage system. The weapons deal elemental in addition to their normal damage. The new powerful weapons will help players on their path to overcome the greatest challenges in the game. In a future update they’ll be implementing elemental armor and enemies with elemental strengths along with weaknesses. Player’s, stock up on the new weapons so you can prepare for the new challenges and changes that will be coming in future updates to be prepared for the future dangers.

Bless Pass Season

Bless Unleashed's Next Update The Spear of Salvation Update Launches Today  - Xbox Wire

The Bless Pass offers rewards for completing daily missions while playing the game. In the latest Bless Pass season players that enhanced their Bless Pass will earn the fierce Shabiki War Duck mount and Spire Cultist costumes.

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