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Pokémon Go December Events

Hello, Pokemon Go players!

With the year almost over, here are the events for Pokemon Go throughout the month of December.

Research Breakthrough Encounter

From Dec 1 at 1 pm PST to Jan 1 at 1 pm PST players will have a chance at encountering either a Lapras or a Unovan Darumaka in the Breakthrough Encounters. Catching either of them will earn you bonus XP.

Kyurem/Mega Adomasnow Raids Arrives

From Dec 1 at 1 pm pst to Jan 1 at 1 pm pst, Kyurem, the legendary pokemon is scheduled to appear in 5-star raids. So don’t miss out on your chance to encounter this bounty!

In addition, Mega Abomasnow is planning on appearing in the mega raids. Starting Dec 1 at 1pm PST replacing the Mega Blastoise. But, until then be sure to keep challenging the Mega Blastoise.

Spotlight Hours

The Pokemon Spotlight Hour is scheduled for every Tuesday at 6 pm local time. Each hour will be a different spotlight pokemon and special bonuses.

  • Dec 1st: Seel/2x XP for evolving pokemon
  • Dec 8th: Swinub/2x catching stardust
  • Dec 15th: A surprise Pokemon/2x catching candy
  • Dec 22nd: Snorunt/2x transferring candy
  • Dec 29th: Snover/2x the XP evolving pokemon

Double XP Catch Bonus

As part of the “Go Beyond” update, they are increasing the level cap to 50 in December. This is to help trainers level up during the pandemic. A double catch XP bonus has now been live since Nov 18 and will stay in effect until Dec 31 at 11:59 pm (local time).

More feature updates

Trainers, managing your pokemon is going to become easier with the introduction of, Pokemon Tagging along with other search updates.

Pokemon Tagging allows you to create different colored tags and apply them to your pokemon. Use the tags to filter your Pokemon in your collection. The “Pokemon Search” function is also scheduled to be updated to enhance usability.

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