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Attack on Titan The Final Season: Where to Watch

One of the most epic and intense anime/manga series of the past decade is reaching its apex soon. And the beginning of the end is here.

The fourth and final season of the popular series Attack on Titan begins in just a few days. Giving AoT fans everywhere something to look forward to as we head toward the new year. As the release date for episode 1 approaches. We have the complete guide for how you can experience this epic event.

When will the first episode air?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 is set to air in Japan on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2020. Considering time zones, that would set its US and UK release date as Monday, Dec 6. The exact time of day for the release is uncertain. But that will likely be made clear when the episode drops on Monday.

Where can you watch it?

Funimation will primarily carry the Simulcast for AoT Season 4 beginning on Dec. 6. The week-to-week schedule hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. But it is expected that Funimation will keep up with the release schedule in Japan and publish episodes every Monday.

Crunchyroll is also expected to make Season 4 available on its service. But, the details regarding its schedule have not been released.

How many episodes will Season 4 contain?

According to Twitter user, Spytrue, who has a reputation for having insider info. Has posted in November that Season 4 of AoT currently has 16 episodes listed. Although, the twitter user hinted that the season may be split into two parts, the same as Season 3.

So far, no official confirmation has been stated regarding the number of episodes for Season 4.

English Dub?

Along with the subtitled version, Funimation will also be providing an English Dub for the season. However, unlike other series on their platform, AoT Season 4 is not listed on the SimulDub schedule. This means while the English Dub is in the works, there’s no timetable set for when the dub episodes will be published.

It’s a possibility the English Dub episodes may be delayed due to the pandemic. As has been the cases with several other series throughout 2020.

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