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Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event

Elder Scrolls Online is currently doing a Free Play event, Players can participate in it until Dec 9th at 10 am EST.

This event is available across PC/Mac, Stadia, Xbox, and PlayStation. But, for the Stadia version, it is only available in certain limited territories. As to what territories we do not know.

For what players can access, you’ll have access to the full base game. Which does include the 4 base classes, 24 zones (including Vvardenfall from Morrowind), in addition to the main storyline. If you are a new player, you’ll get 500 crowns to spend at your discretion in the Crown Store.

During this event, ESO is 60% off on all platforms. But, keep in mind that the sale will end at different dates depending on what you’re using.

  • PC/Mac – December 9
  • Stadia – December 10
  • Xbox – December 9
  • PlayStation – December 22

If you want to purchase the game, click here

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