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Ark 2 the Sequel to Ark

Tonight at the Game Awards, Wild Card has announced the sequel of Ark, Ark 2. Featuring a star, Vin Diesel. It is not clear if he is going to be the main protagonist or a NPC in Ark 2.

If anyone isn’t familiar with Ark, it is a third or first person action adventure open world/survival game by Wild Card. Players can hunt or tame prehistoric creatures, use firearms or improvise weapons to defend against hostile humans and wild creatures. Also You can play Ark either by yourself or with friends. The multiplayer option allows players to form tribes (almost like a clan) of members in a server. But, the max amount of members in your tribe varies from each server. All Tribe members of the same Tribe share the tame creatures and buildings together.

While it’s been said in the Game Awards that Ark 2 is going to be an action-adventure survival game. While, in a hostile prehistoric world filled with Sci-fi technology, players are going to have to survive.

In the Cinematic Trailer below, it starts off with a group of prehistoric travelers getting attacked by a giant dinosaur. Then, by a group of hostile raiders.

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