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New Indie Game Open Roads Announced

There’s nothing quite like a nice road trip in the country. Especially when looking for answers.

Independent studios Annapurna Interactive and The Fullbright Company announced its newest game titled Open Roads. Featuring the voices of actors Kerri Russell and Kaitlyn Dever. With this new release, Annapurna states the game will feature a “unique and engaging interactive dialogue system.”

Russel and Dever portray Opal and Tess Devine respectfully, a mother and daughter duo. Who goes on an expansive road trip after Opal’s mother dies.

Eventhough details for Open Roads in still unknown. We know that it focuses on a mother daughter through the Upper Midwest visiting old family properties. While, possibly discovering a mystery.

Since Annapurna made waves in the indie communities with titles such as Outer Wilds and Telling Lies. Why Fullbright is mainly known for its exploration simulator Gone Home.

Opens Roads is releasing in 2021 for PC and next-gen consoles.

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