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Crimson Desert Game Awards Reveal

Crimson Desert, the new upcoming title from the creators of Black Desert. Crimson Desert is an action-adventure open-world game, schedule for a 2021 release for console and PC.

During the 5-minute trailer, Pearl Abyss announce their new game Crimson Desert. Which is an open-world action-adventure game that combines the elements of narrative driven single players games along with a multiplayer online function.

Also, the trailer captures the full in-game footage along with gameplay. Crimson Desert is set in a fictional continent of Pywel. Also, Pearl Abyss mentions that Pywel is going to include many different biomes. Which will range from the cold deserts to cities. 

Crimson Desert’s story is about a mercanary, Macduff. He is fighting to reclaim the land. 

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