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KFC Released a Bucket-Shaped Gaming PC

This past June, KFC has began an online marketing campaign which appeared to be a way to troll Sony (PlayStation) and Microsoft (Xbox). The campaign teased a KFC bucket-like gaming console with a top of the line specs along with a “Chicken chamber”. Which will heat pieces of chicken.

No one really took KFC seriously and they thought KFC was using the console wars as a marketing opportunity. However, It turns out KFC has been dead serious. In fact, KCF has announced they are releasing the gaming console with the built-in chicken warmer. Which is called, The KFConsole.

This KFC gaming console is real after all, and keeps your chicken warm -  CNET

The KFC gaming PC was created in a collab with Taiwanese gaming hardware company, Cooler Master.

According to the official details, the KFConsole is going to be powered by an Intel Nuc9 extreme compute element. It’ll also be equipped with an ASUS-built hot swappable NIVIDIA GPU and an Intel CPU. Along with a 1TB Seagate NVME SSD. Also, the swappable GPU slot is the first of its kind and it’ll help gamers upgrade components without any hassle.

Cooler Master claims the console is designed to look like a KFC chicken bucket and will be ready for VR. Along with supporting Ray tracing and handling 4K TV gaming with frame rates up to 240 fps.

Official Release Statement: “Never risk letting your chicken go cold again thanks to the patented Chicken chamber. Utilizing the systems natural heat and airflow system, you can now focus on your gameplay and enjoy hot crispy chicken between rounds.”

No release deate has been announced yet.

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