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Free with Gold Games: March 2021 Edition

Xbox has revealed March’s free games with gold!

Microsoft announces March 2021 Xbox Games with Gold titles •

*Reminder: you must have either Live with Gold or Game Pass Ultimate to be able to play any of the following games.

Xbox Live Gold is $9.99+tax per month, $24.99+tax per 3 months, $39.99+tax per 6 months, and $59.99+tax per year.

Game Pass Ultimate is $15+tax per month, $44.99+tax per 3 months, $59.99+tax per 6 months, & $180.00+tax per year

Warface: Breakout (March 1-31)

A tactical first person online shooter game. Tight gunplay and strategic team co-op define the high-stakes PvP experience. You can engage in gunfights, split second decisions, and master the vast arsenal of weapons.

Metal Slug 3: (March 1-15)

Marco and Tarm of the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force are back. They’re back to take down General Morden’s rebel forces. Run, gun, slice, and camel your way through an onslaught of adversaries. From soldiers to giant enemy crabs. You can pilot a wide variety of Metal Slug vehicles. You can also shoot a variety of weapons, and also cause mass destruction in this run-and-gun shooter.

Port Royale 3 (March 16-31)

Play as a young sea captain, your only goal is to be the most powerful man in the new world. The only way to achieve that goal is to either chose to be a trader or to become an adventurer. While playing the game you can set sail on 16 different ships and build your empire on the Caribbean.

Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse (March 16-April 15)

Prepare your thumbs for this top-down, couch co-op, twin-stick shooter game. Pilot an endless supply of mechs to fight through a vast Llama horde apocalypse. This game features 1-4 co-op player, a huge changing city to explore, and a Xbox Play anywhere function that allows you to play on your PC.

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