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Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Battle Styles Box Set

The Official Pokemon Company has revealed the fifth main box set, Battle Styles, as part of the Sword and Shield series. And in this box set, they are going to introduce the game’s legendary Pokemon, Urshifu. Along with new battle-style mechanics to play. The Battle Style Box Set is based on the Japanese set, S5 Single Master/Rapid Master.

This Set includes:

  • 160+ cards
  • New Single/Rapid Striker cards
  • Recently discovered Galar Region Cards
  • 60 Battle style cards
  • 12 V Cards
  • 6 VMAX cards
  • 16 full-art cards
  • 2 new energy cards
  • 15+ trainers


This set is inspired by the Pokemon Sword&Shield video games. The battle style consists of Single Strike Style, which delivers powerful hard-hitting attacks that can knock out an opponent in a single blow. The Rapid Strike Style uses sneaky technical attacks that allow players to attack their opponent when least expected.

Any Pokemon in the TCG can have a battle style, with Single Striker cards that are decorated with a hint of red. Rapid Striker cards will have a hint of Blue. In addition, the Single and Rapid Striker cards are available as Trainer along with Energy cards. Which will tend to assist Pokemon of that particular Battle Style and will allow players to build either a Single Striker or Rapid Striker deck.

Releasing March 19, 2021

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