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This Week on Gears of War (April 27-May 3)

It’s been announced that Brawl is coming back and is a Team Death Match variation. There are some notable changes in game.

  • Players no longer respawn at the traditional static TDM spawn points. They’ll instead spawn throughout the map, closer to their teammates and far away from enemies as possible.
  • The weapon respawn timers are on pickup, not use. That won’t create too much power on the map. Weapon respawn times are slightly lengthened.
  • Players take less damage from a distance while DBNO, which is similar to Exection 2.0, Gridiron, and Escalatioin.

Medals for this Versus Event:

  • Win 5 matches – 6 stars
  • Deal 50,000 damage – 5 stars
  • Get 75 eliminations – 5 stars
  • Complete 5 matches – 4 stars

The reward for completing the full medal group is 3,000 coins.

Horde: The Locust are back!

The Locust is back in Horde! The units from the Nexus Siege event are making their way to your bases to destroy you. The bosses won’t be coming, so at least you don’t have to deal with the Karn, Jermad, RAAM, Skoroge, or Myrrah. The Horde enemy sets are rebuilt to support this change. So, it is a brand new experience.

Escape: The Mines

The first Hive features a choice, which path will you choose to set the fastest time? Players, fight your way to the branch and choose your fate.

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