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Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Update (Part One)

It’s been released that the Caves and Cliffs update (part one) now has a release date, June 8th. With this update players on Java and Bedrock editions will get a ton of new content.

Official release date of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1 has been  announced

The amazing team behind Minecraft planned to release the Caves & Cliffs as a massive single update. But, to keep the development on track and provide new content to the game’s players Mojang split the update into two separate parts.

Part one is to launch on June 8, for the second and final part it is to release later this year.

For the first part, players will see goats and axolotls spawn in the world. There’ll also be dozens of new block types, materials, and craftable items.

Also coming with this update is a special Minecraft Earth exclusive mod, the glow squid.

Update part two is going to be a more expansive than part one. Part two is adding in new biomes, new types of caves, along with various changes to the base game mechanics.

Caves & Cliffs update part one is going to be available to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4&5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC (Windows 10), along with the Java players; Windows, Mac, and Linux on June 8.

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