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Animal Crossing Direct

A Nintendo Direct presentation is being dedicated solely to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

This news was announced during the Nintendo Direct on Sept 23.

When is the Animal Crossing Direct?

As of Oct 6, Nintendo revealed on Twitter that the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct is airing Oct 15 (7am PT/10 EST/ 9am CDT)

How long will Animal Crossing Direct be?

It’s been announced that the Direct will be about 20 minutes long.

How to watch?

You’ll be able to watch on the Nintendo site, YouTube channel, and Twitch channel.

What will be announced?

Well with it being Brewster’s birthday on the 15th, he’ll be making a come back along with The Roost Café. But since Nintendo won’t host an entire dedicated Direct for Animal Crossing New Horizons just to show off Brewster’s return, there’s going to be more their going to bring up during the Direct. Hey, they might even talk about some new characters, but we’ll see.

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